H.D. is a company known on the market by its close and personal treatment to its customers, showing a full compromise with each and every one  of   the executed jobs.




We’ll be pleased to prepare budgets or  projects for the public, any time  we’re asked to do so, with the aim that it´ll be delivered as soon as possible. We assume total responsibility on the  budget’s   accuracy,  as well as they are fully and  clearly  detailed. Nevertheless, we´ll be glad and ready   to solve any doubt that may arise.

We belong, and are connected to an “all construction” environment, as well as first line products, vendors and suppliers. We have all the necessary means, and we fully comply with regulations on preventing risks at work. At the same time we always use materials which satisfactory passed the Q.C.

Our professional activity includes a great range of possibilities. Please find below some of them:

  • Masonry and internal reforms: Paneling, electricity, plumbing, wall and floor tiling, carpentry, plaster, painting, cladding, isolates, etc.
  • Coating   of building’s facades: Handmade and traditional works on buildings&houses fronts,(scraper, martillina, render with flat washed finishing) facades restoration, projected stone, monolayer material, stone imitation, brick, etc. Plastering, stucco, stone.
  • Construction: Deep and superficial foundation under geotechnical engineering supervision, structures buildings re-habilitation, concrete   treatment ,etc.
  • Waterproofing: Maintenance and repair on all kind of roofs and covers, sealed, gutters and downs etc.


    If  you wish to contact us. You may do it calling to the following phone numbers or emailing to:

•    TELEPHONE: